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Scale Lies: Truth in Consistency

If you must dedicate your time and efforts to just ONE thing to achieve your health and fitness goals, it’s CONSISTENCY.

What is the relationship between consistency and scales?  First, what are scale lies?

Unfortunately, the culprit is the weight scale on your bathroom floor.  I call them lies because they don’t tell the WHOLE truth.  Common scales only calculate fat, muscle, and fluids in the body.  So, you are only seeing a total loss or gain.

Here’s why totals can be misleading.  Body fat is necessary for proper body function especially around your organs.  Women typically carry more fat in the chest and hip areas which is beneficial for child bearing. But, too much fat can be detrimental to your health.  

Muscles weigh more than fat and are the building blocks of your body. Muscles increase your metabolism and burn fat.  But, a decrease in muscle can prevent fat loss.

Our body’s contain approximately 50% or more of water depending on gender.  The majority of bodily functions occur in water which fluctuate rapidly causing varying body weight totals.  But, a loss in water-weight is regained quickly and lack of water can trigger other negative effects.

All these factors, which contribute to the “total weight” seen on scales are important however, a basic scale can’t determine which is causing the fluctuation in the weight.  So, it is very possible that the weight reduction you see on your scale is preventing you from reaching your goals.  And likewise, a weight increase could be a result of muscle mass which is necessary to increase your metabolism.

Honestly, it’s easy to be distracted by scales and given a false impression of your current body status.
Try to avoid the scale as much as possible.  A great way to monitor progress is by measuring your waist, hips, arms, thighs, and calves with a tape measure.  However, if you need a scale, invest in one that also calculates body fat percentage. 

When you are consistently exercising and eating smart, nature MUST respond…regardless of what your scale reads!

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