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Pillow Fight?: Overcoming Bored Workouts

Having been in the fitness industry for several years I’ve learned to be more considerate of varying fitness levels.

It’s very important to know where you are physically in order for any program to be effective, especially video programs.  If a program is too hard your success rate will likely decrease as it will if it’s too easy.

Whatever your fitness level is, the most important thing is enjoying the process because fitness is a way of life that will continue as long as you do.

I was recently asked how to avoid boredom in the gym.  This was an excellent question because even I get bored.  You’ve seen the gym “rats” on the treadmill, bike, elliptical, or row machine for seemingly hours.

Do you think they enjoy it?

Well, a lot do…But are you one of them?

Don’t put yourself in a fitness box.  Fitness can be a lot of things but boring should NEVER be in the equation because you WILL quit.

The secret to fun fitness is doing what you already enjoy, just with a plan.

Case and point.  I enjoy music and sports news. Nothing like a hard bass line and sweat!  I’ll make sure to exercise or walk while listening to music or watching ESPN either in a gym or in my living room.

However, if you’re like…Ok Keith, what should I do if I hate working out?

Try finding an activity you enjoy that’s not the status quo.  Think of something that requires any type of movement and do it.  Be creative…

Plan a pillow fight for family night or anytime.

Just the other night I got into an unplanned pillow fight with my daughter.  She had fun and I was moving.  What a bundle of energy!

Depending on your goals, not finishing a 40-minute routine because you’re bored or tired after 15 minutes isn’t a crime. Stop and do something else. It’s okay!  You won’t be judged here.

Find something else to do for 15 minutes the same day and you’ve completed a 30-minute routine. Consider it a victory.

You are more likely to get frustrated when you stress yourself out trying to reach a goal in an unrealistic time frame.

Don’t stress.

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