"I started 3 Way Fitness with the hopes of being the best. If you're looking for great quality and incredible service, welcome!"

My name is Keith Banks, an avid health enthusiast, who in 2008 envisioned a wellness MOVEMENT, not just a fitness fad. Nine years later, more people than ever are committing to living healthy and active.

3 Way Fitness was founded on the belief that there are three fundamentals of COMPLETE fitness.  Mental balance, physical accountability, and spiritual resilience.

In the bible, Jesus says this:

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength. (Mark 12:30 NIV)

Out of this total love for God, we should commit to being our best selves, in preparation for the life HE created us for.  I believe the best fitness program is one that prepares you mentally, physically and spiritually to be used for God's purpose.

Sounds good right?  However, I've seen too many failed attempts.  It's great to have a desire to get into better health but what's lacking is, consistency.  Health and fitness has become so overwhelming.  With so many programs and options, how does one chose the best program and stick with it?  

That's where 3 Way Fitness comes in.  I want to help you become more consistent with your fitness lifestyle than you have ever been before.  By simplifying confusing fitness rhetoric and focusing on moving more, I hope you find a home here...for your fitness and wellness information.



Fit-ness should be WHO we are...not what we do. Once you begin living the 3Wayfit life, you will truly be..."A B.A.R. Above the Rest."


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