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Scale Lies: Truth in Consistency

If you must dedicate your time and efforts to just ONE thing to achieve your health and fitness goals, it’s CONSISTENCY. What is the relationship between consistency and scales?  First, what are scale lies? Unfortunately, the culprit is the weight scale on your bathroom floor.  I call them lies because they don’t tell the WHOLE […]

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Pillow Fight?: Overcoming Bored Workouts

Having been in the fitness industry for several years I’ve learned to be more considerate of varying fitness levels. It’s very important to know where you are physically in order for any program to be effective, especially video programs.  If a program is too hard your success rate will likely decrease as it will if […]

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Butterflies: Mental Changes

How simple but true is this comment?…If there were no changes, we wouldn’t have butterflies. Change is inevitable. It happens or we can make it happen. Change has the potential of making or breaking us. Change is good. This year I hope to impact or “change” the way you approach fitness in an industry I […]

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